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Featured Item: Charles Viancin
Inspired by Nature Silicone Lids
Still one of the most popular products in our store!
The seal is tight on all smooth rims:
Use in the microwave and oven.
Featured Products in Store Now

Elite series includes a transparent cover
and measuring cup with generous 1-cup
Tapi squeeze drink fountain.
The Escali Pop Collapsible Bowl Scale
includes a 1.5 quart bowl that can collapse
includes a 1.5 quart bowl that can collapse
into itself an serve as a cover or weighing
tray. The tare feature will reset the display
back to zero weigh after placing the bowl, or
any other item, on the scale. The Escali Pop
is available in multiple two-tone color options.
Kitchen Cupboard is here to serve you with all
your Kitchen needs, as it has been for 40
Silicone Roasting Laurel for faster,
healthier cooking.  Bendable for use
in any material or size of baking or
roasting pans.  Dishwasher safe.
Quick and easy egg
The new nut chopper.  Chops nuts
fast from course to fine.
Celebrating our fifth year offering the
Charles Viancin Line!

The Winterberry
Silicone lids
four sizes.
The line in the moulds can be used to
measure the amount of mix required; when
the sides are folded down, the muffin moulds
convert into small tart moulds.
• sold as a set of 6
Onpot sticks into your pot lid so you
can easily rest the lid on the edge
of your pot.  

High heat-resistant materials are
safe up to 170°C/340°F so it will
not melt even when used over a
gas stove.
Award-winning silicone mitt has a
cotton lining for added safety, style
and comfort

Heat resistant to 480°F
you to scrape every corner of any pan,
without scratching
non-stickcookware.Chopula's unique
head shape
up and away from the heat.
Scrape out every last piece of food from
your pan or bowl with the flat silicone
non-stick cookware and is heatSilicone
spoon is safe to use on
resistant to 260°C/500°
Our Market Baskets are Back!
Redesigned and improved!

Banana Leaf
New!  Mexican Molcajete
This mortar pestle is
carved of natural volcanic
Lemon and Lime squeezers
Individual lemon slice press and
pourer.  No more Sticky fingers!
The Pop Food Scale
Corkcicle.One chills your
wine.  Pours and aerates.
Adorable wine stoppers!
Butter Maker
Herb Stripper
Pumpkin Silicone lids
The brainchild of two Portland
moms!  All pre measured organic
ingredients.  This is a great product
to whip up with kids or for a quick
Terrific flavors: Oatmeal Raisin,
Chocolate Chip, Gluten Free Chewy
Peanut Butter, Gluten Free
Snickerdoodle and Glutten Free
Chocolate Truffle.
After negotiations for more competitive
pricing to offer our customers,our
beloved European cookware is back in
A healthy cooking experience in these
2014 award winning, hand crafted non
stick, non abrasive and oven safe
Spiral Vegetable Slicer! Rings and
slices of carrots and zucchini pasta.  
Demo Product!
Rest long or thin foods in the
convenient notch then place finger
guard on top to slice safely. This
design makes it possible to use
the mandoline to slice nearly any
food. As you get closer to the end
of the food, the finger guard
collapses, ensuring you get the
most out of every fruit and veggie.
Non-slip feet grip the countertop
during slicing, providing stability
and even more safety than regular
Sifter and Whisk in One!
Garlic Mincer / Slicer
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